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The operation of modern oil tankers involve numerous complexities and careful consideration will need to be made for various shipboard activities. Our staff’s experience can ensure best result in advantage of owners through the services we provide to owing companies who chose us as their commercial operators.

Our people are well trained not only with seagoing experience and but also with many years in operating chemicals, oil and product tankers which results in a smooth and effective co-operation among all concerned parties around the globe. Therefore we are able to face and assist on resolving more complicated situations that may appear during one fixed voyage.

Below you can see the services we can offer acting as the interface between the ship and the charterer:

  • Post fixture
  • Voyage estimating calculations on fixing, on completion of voyage,on collection of demurrages
  • Consulting during chartering negotiations
  • Comply with c/p terms and conditions
  • Monitoring vessel’s position, performance ,speed and consumption
  • Arranging Bunkers  co-ordinate delivery, sort out invoices
  • Tank cleaning guidance-Instructions arranging of cleaning during loading/discharging
  • Appointing of port agents
  • Attendance in port during loading/discharging or at sea during T/C
  • Issuing voyage instructions
  • Arranging tanks and cargo survey
  • Accounting and insurance.
  • Appointing of port agents
  • Invoicing
  • Freight Collection
  • Checking D/as and negotiating with agents
  • Preparation and submission of laytime calculation
  • Liaising with Freight Demurrage and Defence Association

We dispose close relationship with the owners and we acct according to their needs as they are those who define and shape our participation in the company’s operation,specialized on handling of chemical cargoes.